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Terms of sale and terms of service

These terms and conditions govern the use of online services and the purchase of all items presented on the website www.pizzamuseum.com by RISTO G di Francescutti Galdina – Via Casali Nuovi 11 – 33033 Codroipo (UD) Italy and therefore must be fully accepted by the user / customer / buyer at the time of use and/or purchase of the same.

The customer is also required, when ordering, to save and print this page to keep a copy.

Prices and order fulfillment time

Prices listed on the site are subject to possible change and/or modification by Pizza Museum without prior notice to the Customer. Sales Contracts concluded prior to the publication of the above changes, but still being executed, will be subject to the prices in effect at the time of receipt of the Order.

Please note: prices listed on the website are valid for DIRECT ONLINE PURCHASE only; prices and conditions charged at our store may differ.
Expected shipping times, depending on actual product availability, may not be accurate; they will be given on a provisional basis at the time of order confirmation. The sure date of shipment of the goods will be communicated later, as soon as it is ready. While still striving to keep the site up to date and to promptly correct any errors found, in case the availability of certain products has changed, Pizzamuseum.com will always contact the customer before proceeding to process the order, to inform him of any changes, and consequently proceed or cancel the unfulfilled order without penalty.

How to register

Registration at www.Pizzamuseum.com is optional; users can register on the site at any time (as long as they do not already have their own account: they are not allowed to register twice).
To register, you must have a valid email address, and provide your consent to the processing of your data in the manner outlined on the privacy page.
The user also agrees to provide truthful information; you may not register unless you are of legal age and in full possession of your faculties; and you may not register by providing data from third parties, whether they are persons or different legal entities (except, in the latter case, for utilities registered in the name and on behalf of the aforementioned entities by the legal representative or authorized person).
Registration is considered completed from the moment the user, following the link in the appropriate message received by email, verifies his/her email address and activates his/her account. Only once registration is completed will users be able to access their account with their login credentials (email address and password). You are responsible for your login credentials and are responsible for verifying, supplementing and keeping your account information up-to-date by clicking on “Your Information” and promptly updating the information therein where necessary.
Users may give or withdraw, at the time of registration and at any time thereafter, their consent to the sending of newsletters and messages containing promotional offers by Pizzamuseum.com, by clicking on “Your data” (after logging in) and checking the appropriate box. The user also has the option of deleting his or her account, or requesting information about the processing of data in the manner given on the privacy page.


How to buy

The buyer, whether a private individual/consumer or a company, corporation, institution or firm, can order goods directly online by adding the required items to their shopping cart, and completing the order process. However, sending the order is subject to acceptance of these conditions, under penalty of nullity of the same; the user must have already registered on the site, or can register at the same time as sending the order.
Sending an order by the user is subject to the same requirements as registration, under penalty of nullity.
The buyer will receive a confirmation of the order by email to the address with which he registered; the confirmation will report the availability and price of the products, and the chosen mode of payment and transportation, as already visible on the site during the order process; any changes or problems encountered with the order will be communicated to the customer as soon as the order itself is taken care of by one of our employees.

Methods of payment

It is possible to pay in several ways:

– Advance bank transfer

– PayPal/credit or prepaid card: if an item is no longer available, or if the buyer decides to supplement their order with other items, by the authorization deadline we will require payment of the difference, or we will reverse all or part of the amount already authorized (see below under Refunds).

Please note: in some countries the service is not available, in which case you will only be able to pay by bank transfer in advance.

– Cash on delivery to the courier (cash only) for amounts (total including VAT) up to Euro 200.00 (involves a small surcharge).
Please note: It is not possible to pay cash on delivery in case of orders to be delivered abroad.
The customer agrees to pay the full amount of the order; any bank fees on international wire transfers shall be borne solely by the customer.
The amounts received, net of these fees, if not corresponding to the amount of the order, must be supplemented by the customer, otherwise the order will be cancelled.


– Shipping: The goods ordered will be shipped by carrier to the destination chosen at the time of order. Free port for orders over €200 + VAT. Pizzamuseum.com disclaims all responsibility for transportation. In the Italian territory, goods are normally delivered within 2 working days from the time of shipment (3 days for islands). However, estimated delivery times are highlighted at the time of ordering.

– Shipments abroad: it is possible to order from all over the EU and several other countries of the world in the same way as from Italy, however, due to the wide variety of cases encountered, it may not be possible to place orders from some countries, or some items may not be allowed for export; for any clarification, or in case you encounter difficulties or inability to proceed with the order online, you can still contact us and possibly request a special quote. For foreign customers, goods will be delivered in the country of destination according to the latest Incoterms DAP regulation; for Italian customer deliveries for export, different conditions can be agreed upon if the customer explicitly requests it.

– Shipping costs: the costs are highlighted in the shopping cart, after specifying the destination address of the goods; the amount may vary depending on the chosen destination, weight and volume of the goods ordered (the amount will still be highlighted in the cart);

– Cash on delivery charges: in case you choose to pay by cash on delivery, there is a surcharge of €5.00 for shipping costs, which will be added to the total order amount;

Goods are delivered street level and carriage free with invoice charge; in case of bulky items, we advise the buyer to carefully evaluate the measurements of the goods to verify the actual transitability of the goods through doors, entrances and corridors; if in doubt, you can ask us for more information before proceeding with the order.

The buyer agrees to provide information as complete and accurate as possible about his address, and to cooperate with Pizzamuseum.com and the courier in order to make possible the delivery of the goods; in particular, in case of difficulty or non-delivery, the buyer is required to promptly inform Pizzamuseum.com; any unexpected costs of storage, warehousing, redelivery, etc. charged by the courier are to be considered the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Non-collection: in case of non-collection, if the customer becomes unavailable or refuses to receive the goods, Pizzamuseum.com may charge the customer for the costs incurred.

Bubble reserve and customer rights

The customer is required to accept the goods by always signing subject to control as required by law. This is in order to allow us to retaliate against the courier in case of problems.

BY OBSERVING TO PROCEED IN THIS WAY, we will unfortunately not be able to help the customer in case of problems.
In the case of damaged merchandise, if you have followed the normal practice of signing with reservation, you will simply contact us and follow our directions to arrive at a speedy resolution of the problem, whether you opt for replacement merchandise or a refund.

VAT and possible customs duties

Current Italian and international tax regulations regarding VAT and customs duties apply to online purchases, so in principle:
– VAT will not be applied to purchases made by companies based in the European Union with an EU VAT number;
– VAT will not be charged on purchases made by, and delivered to, non-EU persons, i.e., persons residing outside the European Union, or persons residing in non-EU customs zones;
– If the customer enjoys VAT exemption, but does not fall under the cases listed above, he is required to notify us when placing the order, as well as to produce the necessary documentation proving the exemption so that the order itself can be processed;
– In all other cases, VAT will be charged in accordance with the law.

For all shipments destined outside the territory of the European Union, that is to extra-customs areas of the same, the customer is required to verify the compliance of the items he is purchasing with the customs regulations in force for the import in his country, relieving Pizzamuseum.com from any responsibility and burden in this regard; any customs duties for the import in the country of destination will still be borne exclusively by the customer.

Conditional acceptance of orders

Pizzamuseum.com reserves the right in any case to accept or reject orders received at its sole discretion, providing immediately for any refunds of payment.

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is governed by Legislative Decree. n. 206 of 06/09/2005, as well as by Legislative Decree. n. 21 of 02/21/2014. The consumer (i.e. a natural person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, and therefore makes the purchase not indicating in the order form a reference of VAT) has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without having to specify the reason: to exercise this right, the Customer must send Pizzamuseum.com a notice within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods. Notice of withdrawal should be sent by registered letter with return receipt, addressed to RISTO G di Francescutti Galdina – Via Casali Nuovi 11 – 33033 Codroipo (UD) Italy

Notice may be anticipated by e-mail to ristogfrancescutti@gmail.com .

Please note: Customers who purchase with VAT number cannot exercise the right of withdrawal.

However, the consumer must follow the procedure set forth below under Returns in order to proceed with the return of the goods, under penalty of nullity of the right. Once the goods have been returned, they will be checked to verify their integrity and, where the legal requirements are met, Pizzamuseum.com will provide a refund (excluding shipping costs, cash-on-delivery fees, and any other expenses that may have been incurred).

Customized items

If the order includes customized items, the customer must provide any logos or trademarks, and Pizzamuseum.com in turn will provide the customer (where possible and appropriate) with the draft or sample and, only in the event of positive acceptance, the order will be considered irrevocably confirmed and, since the requirements for withdrawal are lacking under the law, non-cancelable.


Any complaints (to the exclusion of the right of withdrawal) must be submitted by email within the period of 3 (three) working days after delivery of the goods. Credits and replacements can only be made once the goods have been returned, according to the procedure outlined below under Returns

Pizzamuseum.com, at its sole discretion, may pay the customer an amount not exceeding the price already paid for the goods, or will recognize an equivalent credit in case of replacement.
Pizzamuseum.com disclaims any liability in case of unavailability of products, delays or problems in delivery, non-conformity or non-compliance with particular requirements of the goods, or damage caused by the use, misuse, non-use of the products; the customer agrees to indemnify Pizzamuseum.com from any charges or expenses arising therefrom in civil and criminal cases.

Warranty, repairs and replacements

All items for sale on this site are covered by the respective manufacturers’ or distributors’ warranties; the warranty covers manufacturing defects, and failures not attributable to normal wear and tear, or to improper or non-prescribed use of the product, for a period of one year (two years in case the customer is a private consumer). The warranty does not include transportation costs, which are the sole responsibility of the customer.


Pizzamuseum.com will not retain in any way any sums not due from the customer, in case of returned or undelivered goods, or sums received without any title; any refunds will be credited, net of any expenses incurred (banking, shipping, etc.) within the period of 14 days, by bank transfer to the customer’s bank account details, or by refund to the customer’s PayPal / credit card account for payments made via PayPal / credit card.

Contractual validity

The user/purchaser agrees with Pizzamuseum.com that, even if one or more of these contractual terms and conditions are null and void, the remaining terms and conditions will remain valid.


In case of disputes, the court of jurisdiction will be the Court of Udine.

Consumers can also use the ODR platform to resolve any dispute easily and free of charge: the ODR platform is an interactive website of the European Commission through which consumers can attempt to resolve out-of-court disputes arising from contracts for the sale of goods and services concluded online.

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